Weight Loss

Finding Your Healthy Weight

For quite a long time, weight loss was reduced to the simple concept of taking in fewer calories then one expended each day, if you did that successfully, then you could achieve any weight loss goal you had.

In reality, this simplified model of our body’s metabolism is just that, too simple. Weight is governed by many body systems and cross talk between them via chemical messengers and hormones decide much of the way our body processes and stores the food we take in.

Big barriers to weight loss include:

  •  the stress response (where our body feels it is under constant attack and refuses to let go of excess weight)
  • disordered eating, eating disorders and using eating as an emotional coping tool
  • restrictive diets that suppress metabolism
  • imbalances in key hormones such as cortisol, insulin and sex hormones (often happens with stress and as we age)
  • thyroid issues
  • disturbances to our gut flora and poor digestion
  • inflammation within the body
  • dietary choices
  • inadequate physical activity or workout plans that don’t serve as best they can
  • medications or procedures that alter metabolism or limit movement

When it comes to nutrition and dietary plans, a calorie is not a calorie is not a calorie, which means that one energy (food source) does not have the same effect on the body as another energy source. Depending on the patient, even the slightest of tweaks to the type of food eaten, the time it is eaten and the amount or ratio eaten, can play a big role in weight loss. I offer personalized dietary plans and supervised dietary counselling in the context of weight loss.

Weight gain can feel very disconcerting and oftentimes is quite distressing and scary, particularly if you feel you have little to no control over your weight. The feeling that you don’t recognize yourself or are inhabiting a body you don’t know or understand, is a stressful way to live each day.

Naturopathic medicine seeks to bring the body back to a state of balance where long term weight management within realistic, healthy parameters, is achievable.

My personal approach to weight loss does not involve calorie counting or consistent weigh-ins. I prefer to treat without discussions of numbers, and rather track progress with the way clothes fit and the way you feel. If measurements or calories are taken into account, I prefer to be the one to manage them so that your focus is on balance and health. I won’t give you a plan that does not work for you in the context of your lifestyle and will always seek to make the process simple and enjoyable. I don’t believe weight loss is a game of self-control or denial; it is rather about honouring our body’s true desires and needs.