Skin Issues

Skin Health

Skin conditions can range from a mild irritation to a debilitating issue that effects quality of life and plays into the dynamics of each person’s life differently. Many of the pharmaceutical options used to treat skin disorders come with side effects, some of them with potentially serious complications, and these are often the only options given to patients, with little hope of avoiding long term use.

Dysfunction of the skin, regardless of the issue, is usually significant of deeper health concerns and is rarely just a superficial issue. Our skin remains our largest organ (surface area wise) of detoxification and is greatly affected by the health of our digestive, hormonal and immune systems, as well as the functioning of our liver, kidneys, colon and lungs.

Treating skin disorders may involve addressing the symptoms at the onset to improve quality of life, but always focuses on identifying the root cause for the skin issue, which in many individuals is multi-factorial.

Natural therapies that address the deeper reason for skin disorders give us a good shot at long term improvement and possible resolution of conditions that are chronic and poorly respond to conventional treatment.

I have suffered from chronic eczema since infancy, with flares that severely affected my quality of life.  I was often told it was just something I had to live with after rounds of various drugs that were expensive and never gave me lasting relief. It is the reason I found naturopathic medicine just over 10 years ago, and is a driving force behind my passion for helping others with their skin conditions.

How naturopathic medicine can identify and address the deeper cause(s) of skin dysfunction:

  • Discover and address any deeper causes for skin dysfunction, which often has the added benefit of improving health overall
  • Seek to understand your unique triggers for skin flares and treat accordingly
  • Give you more control over your skin health
  • Help you make educated decisions about treating your skin condition
  • Treating you in the context of your life and addressing the way it affects you personally