Approach To Treatment

When choosing a naturopathic doctor, it encouraged that patients seek out a practitioner who’s approach to treatment aligns with the patient’s own expectations. While trained similarly, naturopathic doctors practice with different styles which is a virtue of the profession, but means that as a patient, you may need to find an ND who’s philosophy on medicine resonates with you for the best results.

A few tips for finding your best naturopathic practitioner:

  • Search online; check out an NDs website and social media outlets; do you like what they share and how they present themselves?
  • Read articles written by the doctor you are looking at; do you like the perspectives they take?
  • Reach out by calling or emailing to inquired further
  • Book a short free consult (either in person or by phone) if the ND offers this

My Approach To Treatment

I come from a biochemistry background and enjoy understanding the physiological root of what is going on in each individual I treat. I use my patient’s perspective of their condition, thorough questioning, a physical exam, individualized research and lab testing.   My approach to  your case is focused on these treatment principles that I believe in deeply:

  1. Treat symptoms as needed but always look for and address the  root cause of disease and dysfunction.
  2. Use lifestyle and dietary changes as the basis for health care.
  3. Educate always. Give a reason for every prescription and every lab test ordered.
  4. Include the patient in their treatment plan; discuss cost, alternative treatment options and answer questions fully and comprehensively.

My love of naturopathic medicine is entwined with environmental health and community involvement, both of which factor into my practice and inspire the events and initiatives I take on.