Welcome to The Neuro-Keto-Kick Day 1, an experiment I have designed for myself to put the best knowledge about Gut, Brain, Weight Loss and Immune health to the test! My hope is to deal with a number of annoying symptoms that I have been experiencing as a result of a stressful past few years, and pass along this knowledge and expertise to patients.

The symptoms I am focusing on correcting:  Fyi; THE BEST PART of this whole experiment, and naturopathic medicine for that matter, is that if you deal with the root cause of poor health, many symptoms begin to resolve at once and as balance is re-achieved, you can settle into a lifestyle you enjoy without restriction, just moderation. Look for a doctor that treats your ROOT CAUSE rather than just addressing symptoms on the surface.

  • Digestive: Painful bloating & gas (let’s not pretend this doesn’t affect us!), Nausea, Fluctuating between diarrhea and constipation + Stomach pain (heavily affected by food)
  • Neuro / Brain / Mood: Foggy thinking, Lack of focus, Decreased attention span, Fatigue, Poor memory & Forgetfulness, Irritation and Anger, Depression, Severe anxiety, Overactive Stress Response
  • Immune: Inability to clear infections fast, More frequent colds / gut infections and pelvic infections
  • Hormonal Health: Insulin and Cortisol dysregulation (inappropriate spikes and drops), Estrogen Dominance leading to Painful PMS symptoms and Breast tenderness
  • Weight Loss (which falls into many of the above categories): Food cravings and Food Binges, Blood sugar highs & lows, Cortisol dysregulation leading to poor energy and interrupted sleep (and belly fat), etc.
  • Extras: Soft hair, Smooth / Clear Skin (healing lingering eczema), Higher Sex Drive, Confidence & Creativity, Supporting Building Muscle, etc


The Neuro-Keto-Kick incorporates elements of the ketogenic diet for brain health, the blood type diet (clinically seen to be very effective and speak to personalized dietary needs), supplementation to drive specific metabolic pathways involved in the stress response and food craving / anxiety department (that often need to be cleaned out after being affected by pollution and environmental stress), nootropics for cognitive function and memory, herbs to support my stress response and a full weed and seed gut protocol to re-balance the flora and reduce inflammatory mediators triggered by “bad” gut bacteria (that build up with sugary diets, high stress, low sleep and with pharmaceutical interventions like antibiotics).

The best part is, this intensive reset will wean me back into a balanced lifestyle that will allow me to enjoy everything I wish to accomplish, including acing my next licensing exam and eating healthy carbs (but without the overpowering cravings!). Follow here at or on Instagram ( @thehappyhealthypath) for updates on results, protocols and recipes as I navigate my way back to excellence in health!