The Human Connection as the Road to Peace

I was talking to someone really inspirational today, one of my mentors. She told me that change happens in the individual, and then it ripples outwards, catching on and spreading like wildfire. Unstoppable.

I kept thinking about this on my commute home.

This change, this ripple effect, it is everything. This is how the world will move towards the peace we all so desperately seek, whether consciously or not.

And you see it there; In a smile offered to a stranger. A kind hand holding a door. A hug that comes when needed most, or just because. A flicker of eye contact. A shared connection. An apology that speaks the truth. An acknowledgement of beauty, grace, pain and the humanity of it all….of us all.

A whisper of hate is echoed around the world, each reverberation becomes louder and eventually it circles right back, knocking at your door with more force than you thought possible. But if you exude love, acceptance and respect, it ripples – to the people next to you, to your family, through your community, across the sea into the furthest corner of the farthest country. The world is your stage and your actions, words and behavior sets that stage, writes the story line and draws the curtain on the finale.

You matter. Your contribution matters.

Everyone one of us is linked, and pain miles away is share through this collective consciousness with a deep intensity. Every emotion living in someone else has been echoed through you in some form. We are each others’ mirrors. That is humanity.

So be gracious. Speak with respect. Seek kindness over fear and exclusion. Choose to see an opportunity when a problem presents itself rather than turning negative and apathetic. Examine your biases and question your hate; see where it lives and why it grows there. Learn about others, look beyond your own private world, because no matter where you go, you are a part of us and we are a part of you. None of us will ever be whole if we can’t come together.