Below are links to the various categories in which articles are written. This list is continuously updated.

Diet & Nutrition

This is the most important field for improving health and staving off chronic disease. We have to eat anyways, so an optimized diet is the most cost effective, authentic way to change your health. Start here.


No explanation needed one this one. But in case it isn’t apparent, I’m a feminist and I believe in the goodness, grace and astounding capabilities of men, women, children and animals.

Guest Posts

One of my favourite sections. New philosophies, new opinions, new perspectives. Sharing and listening to the views of others is how we can begin to grow ourselves. If you want to contribute something, please email me [contact tab].

Leaders of The Future

Inspirational. But keep in mind that just because someone succeeds one way, doesn’t mean your way is any less successful. Pioneer your own path while drawing inspiration from others.

Naturopathic School & Training

Do you have questions about becoming a naturopathic doctor? Do you have questions about the training a naturopathic doctor requires? Check in here.

New Advances in Medicine

This section is bad ass. New advances in medicine make differences to people’s lives in miraculous ways. One caveat however: new medicine should never replaces the traditional fundamentals of healing. To fail to recognize that would be an egregious oversight on our part as physicians.

Medicine For Your Life

Information & articles about digestion, fatigue, allergies, skin conditions, chronic disease, mental health, etc. My interests lie primarily in these areas because of my own struggles with eczema, asthma, depression and anxiety.

The Mind/Body Connection

This is my favourite field of focus. I am of the opinion that the majority of physical disease stems from a mental/emotional cause and that true healing addresses both the physical and the mental. True healing starts from within; the journey takes a lifetime, but pays off huge dividends. It is worth it.


Information about supplementation, quality and forms of supplements, and new and emerging resources that can provide you with quality information about the supplements you are taking and where to get them for the best prices.

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Sustainable Living

The environment is our lifeline, but we treat it like it is only here to serve us.  The environment is us. We are one. Universal consciousness connects us all and when we hurt the environment, we hurt ourselves, we’re just not always conscious of that hurt until it is too late.


I wanted to be a chef for a long time before going into nutritional and biochemical sciences and then naturopathy. This is still a huge passion of mine and my partner and we like to experiment with quick, easy, throw-it-together recipes that pack a punch nutritionally. Also visit the FOOD! Of Course tab for more recipes and pictures.

Personal Growth & Relationships

This is the gold. These stories are mine, and I recognize that I have only experienced a small degree of growth through love and relationships. If you have a story you’d like to share, please see Guest Posts.


Traveling is my life line, my connection to the bigger picture. When I travel I feel more connected to nature, history, people and culture than at any other time. I’m still working on the most sustainable, authentic forms of travel that give back as much as they give to me. What does travel do for you?