New Patients

What to Bring & How To Prepare:

~Come 15-20 minutes early to fill out initial patient intake forms. Consider bringing with you any medications or supplements you are currently on. If you have recent blood work or scans from your doctor, it is encouraged that you bring that in as well.
  1. First Visit:

    • A very thorough intake that seeks to understand any health concerns you are coming in with. Discussion around what it is like to live in your shoes; to understand your life and and how you work.
    • Physical exam; often oriented towards any health concerns you have brought up and designed to rule out any emergent conditions.
    • Laboratory work may be recommended and records may be requisitioned from your current medical providers.
    • A letter may be written to your medical doctor or specialist to establish a good working relationship (with your permission).
    • Preliminary treatment based on the health concerns you present with.
    • Homework (oftentimes) that may include a diet diary or recording symptom patterns, etc.
  2. Second Visit:

    • Follow-up since the last visit, and check in.
    • Continued physical exam.
    • Individualized, comprehensive treatment plan and setting specific goals to track your progress to understand how treatment is working.
    • Education around the rationale for treatments and how they affect the body. Treatments are only administered once you as the patient give informed consent, which includes understanding any potential side effects of treatment and the duration / cost of treatment.
  3. All/Subsequent Visits:

    • Adherence to the therapeutic order: See Common Q & A
    • In session treatment that may involve acupuncture, physical medicine techniques, infrared sauna therapy, peat bath therapy, massage, etc
    • Lifestyle counseling: discussion around lifestyle changes, education about diet/ physical activity and how certain body systems work or to talk through specific concerns you have week by week, etc
    • Talking: Unloading about your week, giving feedback about your progress, talking through stress/pain/sadness/anxiety you may be carrying; very important to your healing and seeing your whole health picture
    • Supplementation: This comes on an as-needed basis and may include Natural Health Products, botanical tinctures or teas, homeopathic remedies, etc. All prescriptions of supplements will be comprehensively explained (so you know why you are taking them and what they do).  * supplement recommendations will take into account your financial budget for the visit

Any Questions?

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