Why I’m Giving Myself a Card on Valentine’s Day

This is the first Guest Post on this blog, written by a dear friend of mine. Without further ado, I hope you enjoy. I will be adding the link to her blog so you can follow more of her writing:)


By: renatazambo.com

Valentine’s Day has many cliché rituals surrounding it. Stores are filled to the brim with all the chocolates, roses, and plush toys imaginable and romance is sprinkled throughout every coffee shop, restaurant, and movie theater (has anyone noticed the hearts on Starbucks cups? I don’t know about you I definitely think that should be permanent…)

But what if you don’t have a partner to spend Valentine’s Day with? Or what if they’re that stubborn partner that still hasn’t realized that you want those cliché roses that day? What if you long for sometime to profess their love for you but don’t know if it will happen? What if you just want to indulge in the wonders of being loved guilt-free??

This last year has taught me that there is no relationship as valuable as the ones we have with ourselves. I’ve spent a solid 6 months putting myself first and healing my wounds, so a certain genesis of thought processing has taken place. I am a very sentimental person. I am challenging and complicated and I’ve been working very hard to be on both the receiving and giving end with myself. But while this knowledge seems common to some, why is it important to foster a healthy relationship with ourselves?

Think of your spirit/essence/energy/self as a cup. This cup holds the things you give to yourself – compassion, self-love, positive self-talk, “me time”. When we take time to truly give back to ourselves, we fill up this cup. (My hope is that we can all reach a point in our lives where our cup is over-flowing because we have such deep love for ourselves).

We also use this cup to give to others. We give them our attention, patience, and ultimately love. What happens when our cup is empty? How can we give to our friends/family/partners if we haven’t even taken the time to fill up our cup for ourselves? Undeniably, there is a bold shift in consciousness which has infiltrated modern society that there has to be importance place on self-love. The cool “in” stuff, such as eating clean, working out, doing yoga, meditating, and all that jazz actually allows us to take time for ourselves, just as we would in a relationship with another person, to really cultivate that relationship from a place of awe, excitement, and love.

So with Valentine’s Day approaching, I found myself being frustrated with the idea of hoping someone will give me a card with the most beautiful love letter inside it where they profess their love for myself. While this might happen (hint hint), I decided to take it into my own hands. So I’ve decided I’m going to go to Shopper’s or Chapters and find the most exquisite card (glitter, sequins, and rhinestones are a must) and I’m going to fill it with the most heart-felt, sentimental, love letter I can think of and it will be written by me to me. I want to let myself know how incredible I am, how much I appreciate my candor and vulnerability, how I notice the little things and how I love myself even more for them.

So ladies, and gentlemen too, on Valentine’s Day give yourself the gift of connection, self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-love and write yourself the most honest love letter possible. Remember to read it when you need a pick-me-up or even when you’re in a good place and want to remember how wonderful you really are.

Some love letter prompts:

– Do you have a skill which others mention or comment on?

– In what way you are unique and love it?

– Describe a time when you were truly in your element and really happy?

– List 5 ways in which you are compassionate

– Describe a time when you persevered against all odds

Obviously there are many more things you can write on, so whatever you chose to write about, speak from your heart and really let yourself know all the ways you love yourself!!

– I think this practice can extend past Valentine’s Day and is appropriate year-round. Make your relationship with your Self a priority ❤ –

Until next time


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