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What Naturopathic Medicine Can Do For You; The Happy Healthy Path

Where you are now, let’s call that Point A. Now picture where you would like to be, let’s call that Point B. Naturopathic medicine, in combination with conventional medicine if you decide, will seek to guide you through the journey that is Point A to as close as we can get to your to Point B. Oftentimes, outcomes that you may have been told are not possible or health conditions you were told are something you “just have to live with”, are “progressive” or “chronic”, or are something you are not seeing relief with or don’t want to be medicated for, are ideal to look at through a naturopathic lens. Genetics cannot be changed, but epigenetics (the effect of the environment around us on the expression of our genes) can be changed. Naturopathic doctors not only treat, but educate and give you the tools to keep yourself and your family healthy, while working to prevent chronic disease. Treatments are meant to focus on resolving the root cause for your health concerns, rather than covering up the symptoms. Working on your physical and mental healthy together allow for healing to be an enjoyable, soothing experience where you gradually move towards a happier, healthier life. Naturopathic medicine takes your life and your preferences into account, allowing you to remain the expert on your body and have control over your medical care.

Bottom line, if you struggle with the following, consider adding naturopathic treatment to your life:

  • Chronic conditions that you feel you need more support for
  • Lifestyle changes and preventing chronic disease in the future
  • Annoying health “bothers”; chronic runny nose, patchy rashes, fatigue that won’t budge, recurrent infections, etc
  • “Not feeling like yourself”
  • Wanting to take control of your health, ask questions, gain knowledge and be empowered in your own journey

Why I Choose to Practice Naturopathic Medicine

This answer is simple; I believe in the body’s ability to regulate and heal itself once conditions for health have been established and barriers to health have been removed. Not all barriers are modifiable, but many are, and they different for each of us; for some health problems addressing the root cause may involve a change in diet or identifying a malfunctioning biochemical pathway; for others it may require addressing emotional trauma and maladaptive ways of thinking. Studying naturopathic medicine for the past few years has brought me into a state of health I never would have thought possible for myself 10 years ago, and it brings me so much joy to watch the same happen for others. The more time I spend in it, the more I realize the healing capacity of nature; it goes much further than substituting a natural health product for a pharmaceutical; it is a different way of life that defines our priorities differently. As a natural care-taker, even the journey of understanding how to put yourself first is a milestone to your health.

Finding long-lasting health and happiness amidst modern day stress, loneliness, pollution, societal-standards, packaged foods, and more, is tough, but a challenge I welcome . I believe in natural medicine, lifestyle changes, food as medicine, honouring the environment, defining our authentic needs & wants and the healing power of social interaction and community as keys to moving back into a place of health and happiness. Healthy individuals (in mind, body and spirit), healthy families and healthy communities are my focus in practice and consider myself incredibly fortunate to work in a field I believe so deeply in.